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Sports Therapy is the aspect of health care that is specifically concerned with regular body maintenance of the client to achieve and maintain optimum levels of functional, occupational and sport specific health and fitness, regardless of age, ability or activity level.

Sports Therapy also helps in the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of injury so that the client can focus on achieving their goals in any given life endeavour. 



Has the knowledge and ability to provide Therapeutic massage (Remedial, Swedish, Deep tissue, Trigger point, Relaxation & Sports massage, Dorn Method). 

Has the knowledge and ability to provide sports massage pre and post event specific to your individual sport and needs.

Has the training and knowledge to utilise sports, exercise and biomechanical principles to optimise your preparation and participation for all activities, from individual to team pursuits (e.g.; cycling, running, dancing, swimming, gym competitionns, football, etc.).

Has the knowledge and ability to apply exercise principles to optimise fitness and biomechanical efficiency with the goal of prevention of injury for any given activity.

Has the knowledge and ability to attend to injuries in a recreational, training and competitive environment.

Has the knowledge and ability to assess and provisionally diagnose and then where appropriate, refer on for definitive specialist care, advice and intervention.

Has the knowledge and ability to develop and implement appropriate injury rehabilitation programmes and behavioural modifications.  


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